Italian & International Flavours

The food at Casa Lucia takes its inspiration from all across the globe. Lucy has lived in several countries over the years and influences from Asia and South America are often reflected in our food. We also offer regular Friday night ‘fish and chips’ a British favourite, along with ‘mushy peas’ and tartare sauce.

Have a look below for just some of the international dishes we have offered since opening last summer. We’re hoping that the coming months will see even more flavours and celebrations of international cuisine and look forward to welcoming you to Casa Lucia. 


We also make pizzas, (our own dough is mixed on the premises and we have an Italian ‘pizzaiolo’ for authentic recipes and flavours)!


Curries are also a regular feature, along with pickles, poppadums, homemade naan, and paratha bread.

Not all the food is available all of the time, so please check our Facebook page for daily menus and notices of upcoming events.

Small Plates

Designed to let you sample a variety of tastes and flavours, our ‘small plates’ are a great way to discover new foods and share dishes with friends.

Italian larger plates

Our Italian pizzaiolo, Francesco, makes fabulous pizza dough and adds the flavours and aromas of Naples, his home town. He’s also a very accomplished patisserie chef and makes desserts to dream about!

British larger plates

As native Brits, Lucy and her husband Mike enjoy dishes that are difficult to find in restaurants in Italy. Classic Sunday roast lunches, Friday night cod and chips and homemade burgers are good examples. We often have special menu nights to bring all these recipes together.

Indian larger plates

Curry is a firm favourite on our menu and we are delighted that more and more people seem to be enjoying the flavours of India too! We’re lucky to have a well-stocked Asian supermarket nearby, where we can obtain Indian herbs and spices to create authentic flavours and blends. Homemade bread like naan and paratha are also popular accompaniments to our Indian meals.

Mexican larger plates

We were lucky to have a Mexican chef with us last year on a ‘work away’ assignment. During his stay, he passed on his favourite recipes so we can recreate them for you!

Asian larger plates

There is such a wide variety of Asian food, from classical Chinese to Malay and Thai flavours, and it’s hard to know where to start. We could feature a different dish every day for a year and still not run out of inspiration… Come along and try out a traditional Pad Thai or Fish curry, or maybe beef or chicken stir fry with Asian veggies and noodles.